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Are you still stuck in Groundhog Day status?

I’m hosting our eighth Creative Arts Business Summit this week. It’s inspiring to be around so many creative people. People with big dreams.

One problem is that while we all have big dreams, they can often get stalled. And, you seem to be repeating what you did yesterday without moving further ahead with your dreams.

You are stuck in a permanent Groundhog Day.

Do you see yourself there?

You’ve spent hours talking about your business ideas. You have the perfect name. You have idea pictures of your website on a Pinterest board. You have a strategy to launch your business. You even have potential customers.

And, then you stop. You start the next day in the same place. Dreaming of starting your own creative arts business. You know you could make a difference. You know the world needs what you have to offer, your art.

And, you look around and realize that you never took the leap. You never even really took the first step to making your dream a reality.

You stayed in your safe spot. Dreaming.

What often holds people back from making this leap is they lack clarity. They lack confidence. They lack support. All three are needed to take the leap.

At CABS I opened the doors for enrollment to our Members’ Studio. Most of those attending are already members and see the difference every day in how their business grows.

They gain clarity. They build confidence. And they have the best support network to move their business forward.

Take this chance to join us and leave Groundhog Day behind.

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