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Get Organized, Finally!

Debra Lipp
Debra Lipp

Have you tried a variety of methods to organize your quilting "stuff"? Do you buy every new organizing gadget you see? Is your studio space disorganized and inefficient — and you know it could be improved — but you don't know where to start? Or, are the organization strategies you've tried just not working for you? Do you migrate to the kitchen table to work even through you have designated a space for sewing?

It's possible that you're trying to put the proverbial round peg in the square hole because you haven't fully analyzed what does and does not work for YOU and why. You're trying to use tools that someone else says will work for you. Debra Lipp, a Corcoran College of Art + Design-trained graphic designer, is a task analyzer and organizational specialist who works with creative people. She loves to understand an individual's thinking process and help to discover what works for them — as an individual. And, lucky for us, she's also a quilter/fiber artist.

Debra has worked with people in all different walks of life, helping the flow of their lives through organization. She's also a museum exhibit and trade-show designer, with an understanding of how people feel in and move through a space. What makes Deb unique is not just her design education and her more than 25 years experience, it's that she factors in how a client thinks to create a system and design a space that works for an individual. And she excels at organizing strategies for quilters.

Some of what you'll learn in the recording of this teleclass:

  • How to use the way you think to organize your stash

  • How to optimize your space

  • How to de-clutter your space and discover the freedom to create

  • Why this results in increased productivity and creativity

If you are feeling unproductive and creatively unmotivated because you dread working in your space, let Deb start you on the road to ending your organizational frustrations. Organize your stash and pave the path to have “sew” much more fun.


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