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A Quilter’s Diary

A Quilter’s Diary
Mimi Dietrich
That Patchwork Place

Have you ever wanted to chronicle your life in a quilt? That’s exactly what Mimi Dietrich did in her 25-block sampler quilt. Mimi shows you how to use simple pieced and appliqué blocks to create a diary quilt. Break your life into 5- to 10-year segments and then select from more than 150 pieced and appliquéd blocks to tell the story. To guide you, Mimi has inspiring questions and themes to consider. To finish her quilt, Mimi created a label with a legend to the quilt, tracing each traditional block to the story on the quilt. This is a fun and creative way to savor parts of your or someone else’s life.

Here’s a link to order the book through Amazon.

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