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Are You Asking for What You Want?


My two-week vacation in Aruba  was ending and my husband and I were on the way to the airport. As I often do, I engaged in conversation with our cab driver. Frankie was a native Aruban and had lived in Aruba his entire life. He had been driving his cab for 27 years. He shared some stories about politics, how the island has changed over the years and his restaurant recommendations for our next visit.


My husband asked Frankie if he had met many “famous” people over the years. He told us about driving Rev. Jesse Jackson to the airport for a last minute flight from his cruise ship back to the States. He was Ice Cube’s personal driver during a weekend wedding a few summers back.


The passenger he was most excited about was boxer Evander Holyfield. Evander (we are obviously on a first name basis) had come to Aruba for the annual Soul Beach Music Festival. Frankie spent several days driving him and also watched the event with him.


How did that job come about? Frankie is a big boxing fan so he followed Evander. He also knew about the festival and that Evander would be coming. Frankie wrote to Evander, who lived in Atlanta, and offered his services. As they say, the rest is history.


I loved hearing Frankie share this story. He wanted something and he asked for it. That was a simple reminder of a powerful lesson from my cab driver. Ask and it is given.

What have you asked for lately? There is a saying, ask and you shall receive. I welcome your response below or on a ICAP Facebook or Google+ pages.

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