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Are You Waiting for “Enoughness?”

Do you have some business or personal dreams that you are putting off because you think you need to know more before you move forward?

Maybe you think you need another art course, or maybe you need that extra marketing course. Or, your website could be better. Or, your design skills need to be better to enter that show. Or, you do not know as much as, or are as skilled as, someone else. Or, …

Recently, I caught up with a former coaching client, and we chatted about what she was doing in her business. She was still talking about creating the same online course she talked about several years ago.

I asked what the problem was. She told me that she just did not know as much as some one else did on this topic.

Meanwhile I have seen her share her expertise on countless online forums to great acclaim.

It comes down to what I call “enoughness.”

You think you are not enough, so you wait until you are. And, you keep waiting.

My client is not alone here. I have been there. I am someone who thrives on knowledge, and I am always searching to learn more.

It is a good thing — except that it can put an obstacle in my path. It is easy to look for the next course to build my knowledge or skill level instead of taking action, albeit imperfect action.

Here are some tips to move past the waiting.

Stop waiting for perfection.

Do not wait for everything to be perfect. It never will be. There will always be more to learn.

I try to live by the mantra “Progress, Not Perfection.” It’s on a sticky note near my computer.

The best time to start has already passed. The next best time is now.


Stop comparing.

Do not compare yourself with others.

Someone will always be further along the path than you. You will also be further along than others. 

It might surprise you to find out how many people you know also struggle with not feeling they are enough.

You can find bracelets, pendants, T-shirts and books that are all titled I Am Enough.

You are only where you are and have to start from there. Any action you take at your current level moves you to the next level.

Compare yourself only to yourself.

Stop procrastinating.

Commit and take action. Take a bold action. Take a not-bold action. 

You have something to offer that no one else does.

Just take one action today and one action tomorrow.

This reminded me of a quote from Oliver Wendell Holmes:

Many people die with their music still in them. Why is this so? Too often it is because they are always getting ready to live. Before they know it, time runs out.

So what are you waiting for? You are definitely qualified to start. You are already enough!

It’s your turn!

Do feelings of not enoughness hold you back? What can you do to move forward?

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