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Book Review: A New Light on Storm at Sea Quilts


Storm at Sea Quilts
Wendy Mathson
C&T Publishing; $24.95

I’ve always been drawn to the Storm at Sea block and the optical illusion of waves it creates. While the traditional coloration is most often blue, the block lends itself to endless design possibilities. Wendy Mathson offers her unique piecing technique to produce accurate units for the three pieced units used to create the Storm at Sea block: a diamond-in-a-rectangle unit; a large square-in-a-square unit and a small square-in-a-square unit. Wendy calls the square-in-a-square units Big SIS and Little SIS and has created a set of acrylic tools called Quilters’ TRIMplates (short for trimming templates) to accurately cut the units. While it is possible to cut and sew the units without using the templates, they offer advantages for producing accurate block units. The book includes six Storm at Sea projects, a gallery of inspiring quilts, options for border treatments and design grids to copy to work on your own designs. You’ll have fun creating your own designs.

Here’s a link if you’d like to add it to your library.

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