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Book Review: Blendable Curves

Blendable Curves

Blendable Curves
Peggy J. Barkle
C&T Publishing; $19.95

If you or your students are looking to take a step beyond the traditional quilt block, this is a fun technique. Peggy Barkle takes two identical traditional blocks done in two colorways. She then stacks the blocks, cuts a free-form curve from diagonal to diagonal, shuffles the blocks so the blocks no longer match, and pieces them into a new block. Voila! You have a cool curvy nine-patch or a curvy log cabin or any other block pattern. Peggy starts with a simple nine patch, so you can learn the technique and then build from there. The book includes 10 quilt projects and a gallery of quilts by others. I really liked the idea of using this to create a background for appliqué, and her designs can lead to endless possibilities.

Here’s a link, if you’d like to add it to your library.

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