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Book Review: Crafting Calm

Crafting Calm 
Maggie Oman Shannon
Viva Editions; $16.95

I think we all need a bit more calm in our lives, and since most of us are “crafters” we already know the health benefits, whether that is quilting, knitting or any other art. I loved that this book offered lots of ideas for making handicrafts and at the same time connecting with your spirit. The author, Maggie Oman Shannon, is the spiritual director of a Unity Church and has found enormous benefits, physical, spiritual and emotional, from her own lifelong practice of crafts and creativity. She shares 40 different projects that she or those she knows have done. If you are looking for calm, you might try her spiritual wisdom wallhangings; if you are looking for clarity, you might try her personal prayer flags; and if you are looking for connection with spirit, you might try her prayer pot. You are free to use the materials suggested or take the idea and venture to your own favorite media. After all, the author does admit to being textilely-challenged. In addition to the projects, Maggie offers “Inner Inquiries for Journaling and Reflection” to accompany each project. If you are looking to add a more stillness and/or spiritual connection in your life, this is a great place to start the process. Look for the book at your local quilt shop or book retailer.

Here’s a link to Amazon if you would like to learn more about the book.

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