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Book Review: Reap as You Sew: Spirit at Work in Quiltmaking

Reap What You Sew Quiltmaking


Reap as You Sew: Spirit at Work in Quiltmaking
Chris Boersma Smith
West Bow Press; $27.95


I am not sure why we seem to see more books, articles or news reports on spirituality these days, I am just glad we do. For most of us quilt or art makers, we know that something often drives our work or speaks to us about our work that is outside of ourselves. That is what Chris Boersma Smith explores in her book Reap as You Sew. Chris’ book on the connection between creativity and spirituality offers a look at individual stories of a group of quiltmakers and how quiltmaking is a spiritual path for each. Each story is accompanied by what Chris calls “Steps along a spiritual quiltmaking path.” I think of them as tools in your toolbox, e.g, keeping a journal; starting with an image and imagining how it evolves; inviting your higher power to guide you as you freely create; taking small actions. If you want to explore the connection in your own work or understand more of the “why you quilt,” Reap as You Sew will help you on that path.

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2 Responses to “Book Review: Reap as You Sew: Spirit at Work in Quiltmaking”

  1. Chris Smith said:

    What a nice surprise—I didn’t know you were going to review the book, and I appreciate your spreading the word!

    As you suggest, this isn’t a typical “how to quilt” book but one your readership might really enjoy not only for the personal stories and for the “tools” but also for finding a connection with other spiritually engaged creators! I’ve been hearing from readers who were touched by the intimate stories involving quilters’ balancing work and creativity, personal and family responsibilities, busyness and quieter times, and ways that our creative work can help us through tough times, express gratitude and love, and even in some cases, heal us and heal wounded relationships. They also tell me the 90 color photos are fun, especially since the quilting styles are so varied. Huge hugs of thanks for this review!

  2. Morna said:

    Chris, You’re welcome. The book will be valuable to many. Thanks for sharing what you know with us.

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