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I have got David Bowie running through my head as I am sharing the changes here at the International Association of Creative Arts Professionals. We recently made a big change to our quarterly magazine, the one you’ve known as The Professional Quilter since 1983. Instead of reading The Professional Quilter, you will now open the pages of Create Inc. We have added a tag line: your art, your business, your life. Our goal is to help you take your art, your passion, and create the business that supports you in the lifestyle that you want.


Same magazine/New look

The name change reflects not only the growing interests of the professional quilter but also the expansion of ICAP to reach more mixed-media and other creative artists. You will find the same kind of valuable content with a new, fresher look.  What are your thoughts about our new name and look? 


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5 Responses to “Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes”

  1. Mary Van Spebroeck said:

    Hi Morna, the new look is marvelous! Looking forward to more inspiring content.

    I’m taking a Blogging course at Assignment is to post comments in 4 blogs, then post about it. You made the list! You are awesome and an inspiration. I mostly lurk on your posts, but I think I may have commented a time or two before.

  2. Morna said:

    Mary, Thanks. And great that you’re taking the blogging course. When you keep it up, you’ll notice a difference in connections you make and how much wider your reach becomes. And, I welcome your posting anytime!

  3. Comments, to leave or not to leave | Teal Dragon Quilts said:

    […] And last and maybe the one that helps with my business the most is Morna McEver Golletz’s ICAP. […]

  4. Andrea Funk said:

    Wow – a great change. From quilters to artist. That opens up the scope of the entire organization from a few to everyone. I am sure that there is much to be learned from professional artist outside the quilting world. It will strengthen everyone.

    One thought is that perhaps there should be additional focused Facebook groups. One for pattern-makers, one for long armers and eventually ones for other specific mediums. That way we can continue to interact with our immediate peers on topics that are unique to our subindustry while still being part of a larger organization.
    Great move!

  5. Morna said:

    Andrea, glad you like it. Those were my thought – we have so much to learn from other artists and we should be connecting with them. Thanks for FB idea. Have to think on how we could manage that. Cheers.

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