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Consider It Done

CID ButtonEver wonder if anyone actually puts the slogans they spout to heart? Well, I found that to be the case during our recent Mastermind meeting at the Doubletree by Hilton BWI Airport in Baltimore, Md. The hotel’s motto is C.I.D. It stands for Consider It Done and it was the brainchild of Adam Novotny, the hotel’s general manager. The employees wear the pin shown to the right. And, when I would ask a question, I often heard “Consider It Done,” and it was. From the management to the dining room staff to the cleaning crew, everyone exhibited a friendly attitude and clearly wanted our meeting to be a good experience and it was.

The experience got me thinking again about how our customers think about our businesses. What qualities are important for you to leave with your customers: being friendly, handling orders/questions within a certain time frame, being sure your customers have a positive experience, providing extra touches? I’m sure you can come up with others.

It would be a valuable exercise to write down the values you bring or want to bring into your business and how you interact with your customers for a week.

Next, think about the systems that you could create to see that your business continues to express these values.

Please share your insights below this blog.

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