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generating blog ideas


To write or not to write.

One of the challenges my clients often have is blog writing, probably more specifically what to write about. I think it’s because more often than not, they feel more comfortable with the visual art than the written art. In fact, many of them do not want to blog at all. Today, though, blogging is important if we are to connect with our customers.

When faced with the blank blog page, many people don’t know where to start. I like to carry a small notebook or 3 x 5 card with me in case my muse strikes. How many times have you been out and about and something struck you, you thought you’d remember and, of course, you didn’t?

At home, I keep a 3 x 5 card on my desk for the same purpose. You might use Evernote or even a napkin at a restaurant, just something to catch that fleeting thought.

What exactly do I put on the note card? Here are some ideas that I use to get started:

Often it’s just a key phrase to remind myself of a topic. I might also overhear someone say something that strikes me. I might pick up a magazine at home or more often when I’m in a waiting room and some phrase strikes me. It might even be an article on a specific topic and that sets me in a direction. I’ve found ideas when I’ve been reading a novel. I’ve found ideas when I was caught up in Pinterest. I even got an idea during our ICAP Business Call this yesterday. Problem is, if I don’t take time to capture this idea, it’s gone, and I’m back at the beginning wondering what I’m going to write about.

Someone once asked me if was plagiarizing if I was using something I read somewhere else. I’m not stealing someone’s idea; I’m using it as a jumping off point for what I’m doing. I’m writing in my own voice and fitting the message to fit my brand.

The goal is to be inspired and inspiration is everywhere. If I’ve got this running of ideas and phrases, I’m never at a loss for inspiration.

Where do you get your blog inspiration?

photo credit: Blogger, after Vilhelm Hammershøi via photopin (license)

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2 Responses to “generating blog ideas”

  1. Andrea Funk said:

    I like to gather blog titles rather than topics. A title is a long tail keyword search term that one of my customers might be searching for. Then I write the blog focused on that title.

    Once I have a title, I open a word document and write the title and perhaps some points to write about. Then I save it into a folder called Possible Blogs. At any one time, I have over 150 document I have begun and then can go back into later to write. This eliminated the blank page issue because I already have something written down. When I sit down to write, I just open a document and start writing.

    Watch for those blog topics or titles everywhere. I like to keep Google Analytics open all the time in Real Time- Overview. I watch for the key words people are searching for. I have found great titles for blogs there.

    Blogging works! If you don’t believe me, e-mail me and we can talk!

  2. Morna said:

    Andrea, thanks for adding to the conversation. I remembered your title idea as I was writing this, so glad you chimed in. I think ideas are all around us, and if we want to use blogging to its advantage, we’ve got to have topics, titles, ideas. Love the idea of the ready docs, so you aren’t facing a blank screen. I think one reason you are successful with this is that you are consistent. People often start and stop. If you are consistent, people can get to know you better.

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