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Join Me for Some PT?

PT? Physical therapy?, you ask. No, for me PT this time means Pause Time, as one of my friends calls it. I have been feeling the rush from the beginning in Houston, following up with contacts that I made, and getting caught up on what was happening in my office in my absence. I know much of it was moving forward on my “to do” list, but was I making any real forward progress? Was I working hard and not remembering what I was trying to do?

In some cases when you are busy and just pushing through the day, you can find you’re never really getting anywhere. You really need to take time to know where you are and where you are going to make real progress.

In addition to how I feel with all the post-trade-show work, I can see this with the distractions from social media. Who among us does not get lost in Pinterest or Instagram and then ask what progress is really being made?

Part of the problem is that we are keeping our minds so active getting our work done or moving to the next task, that we are not taking truly inspired action. That is because we are not taking the time to reflect on where we are and where we want to go.

Enter Pause Time, a time for stillness and reflection. Take some time to be still, whether that is in the garden (if it is still warm where you are) or in a quiet room overlooking the garden. Then in that space of quiet, take to time to just be and then reflect on where you are and where you are going. Do this in a space that is not your office. (Choose a place without distractions.)

Join me in Pause Time. Find inspired action.

Here is a quote I like that reminds me that the stillness and reflection providing answers, or inspired actions.

“Whenever there is stillness there is the still small voice, God’s speaking from the whirlwind, nature’s old song, and dance…”
Annie Dillard

Please share your thoughts on PT below this blog.

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One Response to “Join Me for Some PT?”

  1. Nicole said:

    Who doesn’t need to pause for a moment? But like you said, it’s so easy to get caught up in “doing.” Thanks for the reminder.

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