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Lessons From My Sister’s Dog

My sister recently adopted a greyhound, and this majestic dog is a wonderful addition to her family. Do you know anything about the greyhound racing industry? The dogs chase a lure, which is traditionally an artificial rabbit, around the track until they cross the finish line. If they are successful, they only look forward, never to the side, and do not stop to enjoy the view.
They do not think about people in crowds, they do not think about what is for dinner, they do not obsess how their mother liked their brother better. They remain maniacally focused on that artificial rabbit and, yet, they never catch it. The lure of that rabbit is all those greyhounds care about.
Think about that rabbit as your vision for your business. A well- thought out, well-articulated vision will provide you with a focus for your attention and action. It needs to be specific enough to keep you from being distracted and ambitious enough to keep you challenged. Like the greyhound chasing the rabbit, you will never catch that vision because as you get close, your vision will become more expansive and aspirational.
Here is where the analogy falls apart. That dog chasing the rabbit does not need to reflect on success, measure how far he is come or could go. In your case, you need to periodically assess your progress to give you the confidence to keep moving forward.
As you look at your year, take time to look at your successes and celebrate them. Look at what worked, what could be improved and where you want to go. If you need some help, try the book recommended in this week’s ezine.
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