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Look At All You Have Accomplished

Step off the achievement bandwagon for just a moment. You know that I am all about action. Nothing happens unless you take action.

I know last week I shared about the intention I set for my year ahead. Last week we had our annual goal-setting call in which we talked about making stretch goals and all that you could accomplish in 2013.

For those of you who haven’t listened to the call, I also shared an assignment that I gave to a number of my private coaching clients. I asked them to list 100 accomplishments from 2012. “Whoa,” you say. “One hundred! How could someone come up with that many? And, what’s the point?”

The point is that as creative entrepreneurs many of us are onto the next big thing on our list. We check off each item on the list. Ta-da – that’s done. What’s next? We rarely take the time to look back at what we accomplished. Some of also think we didn’t accomplish enough or we missed the mark on the really big thing on our list. Not so. I bet everyone of you accomplished more than you think, so don’t let that inner critic out.

So, go back and write down those accomplishments. Writing it down is key and the list is much bigger when you get it out of your head. I promise. You can aim for 100. After all, it’s just two accomplishments a week, and nobody said they had to be monumental accomplishments. When you get done, go back and look at that list. It will be a good confidence booster. And, as you go through the year and feel like you’ve hit a stumbling block, whip out that list and looked at what you managed to do.

I’d love for you to share some of your favorites over on the blog.


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2 Responses to “Look At All You Have Accomplished”

  1. Brenda Miller said:

    Hi Morna!
    It looks like your business is built on sharing. I like that. I rarely get a chance to speak and share with peers. And that’s because, like most of your clients, I work alone. So since I value balance and like to make a contribution (values from your list) here goes…
    One of the goals I was working towards for the last year and a half was putting together a shopping site that would tie into my website. I’m hoping this new business model will help me reach and sell my patterns to more retail customers. The site is finally up. I celebrated by sending my son, who helped me with the code, a nice fat check. Like you I tend to focus on what needs doing next – like building hits on the site!
    See you in April – Brenda

  2. Morna said:

    Brenda, congrats on the shopping cart addition. It does a nice job of showcasing your work. And, love the celebration. Looking forward to seeing you at the Creative Arts Business Summit.

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