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Quilting with my niece

My 10-year-old niece is at work on her own quilt. The one I made her years ago is just too short! She’s making a rail fence in yellows and browns. She gets better and better at cutting and sewing as we go along. I’m now the presser, so I actually have something to do while she sews.
hailey sewing
Instead of cutting all the strips first and then sewing strips and blocks, she’s cutting eight strips at a time and then making enough blocks to make a row. That way, she can see her progress. She’s already planning overnights once school starts so she can work on her quilt. Stay tuned….
hailey’s quilt

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2 Responses to “Quilting with my niece”

  1. Sunnie said:

    I can see from the photo your neice is correctly using the most important sewing technique: holding your tongue just so!
    My mother, who was a great seamstress from the age of 7 and later a great quilter,taught me that critical action, and it has always helped me through times of difficult stitching.
    a long-time PQ subscriber,

  2. Morna said:

    One of my sisters (not the mother of this niece) said she could tell by the tongue sticking out that we must be related. Wonder if it’s a quilter thing?

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