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Summer Sewing With My Nieces

Sewing has been a joyful experience my whole life. Family legend has me threading needles for my great-great-grandmothers at the age of three. I want to share that joy with my nieces and nephews. For the past year my niece Hailey has been working on a quilt. She still has to add the borders and tie the quilt, but I wanted to share her progress. Her skills have improved and while I was relegated to presser in the past, now I just work on my own project until she asks for help. Here she is with the top ready for the borders. And, we’re hopeful to fit in a day before school starts to finish.

Her sister Nicole also wanted to learn to sew. She decided to make a skirt. She selected all the fabrics. I cut the fabric, but she did all the sewing. I also made a bag to match, using Lazy Girl Design’s Runaround Bag.

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2 Responses to “Summer Sewing With My Nieces”

  1. Morna Crites-Moore said:

    How often do you meet another Morna??

    I hope you’ll stop by my blog:

    You’ll see that I like to sew too!

  2. Morna said:

    They’re aren’t many around, and you’re a sewer, too! You’re the first I’ve corresponded with. Though, I’ve heard of one newscaster, read of one person in the DC area and Anne Murray, the singer, is really named Morna.

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