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You Can’t Do It Alone


You have a big vision for your business, right? And, as much as you might like to, you can not get to the big vision without support.

In the beginning you did everything, or most everything yourself.

Depending on your business, in addition to creating your art, you packed and schlepped every thing to the post office. You wrote all the copy or directions and tested your own patterns. You packed your patterns. You did your own bookkeeping. You cleaned your studio. You tried to set aside some time for marketing. You learned how to maintain your website, if not develop it.

Whew! I got tired thinking of all the activity.

The problem is that all your time was taken up with much that didn’t move your business to the next level. And, if you are like other creative people I know, you focused more on creating your art than the “behind the scenes” of your business.

The problem is that if you keep trying to do it all yourself, you can’t grow your business. You can’t focus on what needs to happen to grow your business.

Maybe you think no one can do it as well as you.  

Maybe you tried to do it all and found out you weren’t so successful. You knew you needed help, but you just put off doing it.

Remember that your role is to put on the CEO hat and make decisions that move the business forward.

If you reach this point of recognizing that you need help, how do you figure out what kind of help you need?

Discover your brilliance

First recognize what you are good at and what you aren’t good at.

I know you are brilliant at your craft. I know you likely aren’t brilliant at bookkeeping or administrative tasks.

That doesn’t mean you aren’t capable of doing them. It just means that your brilliance is elsewhere. And when you hire someone whose brilliance is in other areas, they will work more efficiently and faster than you.

Evaluate your activity

Next spend a week or so tracking all the tasks that you do.

Evaluate whether they are something that you must do or that someone else could do.

Put a dollar value on each task. For example, your design time might be $65 an hour. Administrative time might be $25 an hour.

When you go back and look at how much you are doing that is not in your zone of brilliance and consider the costs of not working in that zone, it makes more sense to lose your inner “control freak.”

Create a job description

Once you’ve got the list of tasks that someone else could or should be doing, put together a description of the job requirements.

You may not have the cash flow to hire more than one virtual or part-time person, so look for where the biggest impact will be — either an activity that will bring cash into your business, such as sales, marketing or mass production, or something that will allow you to bring in more cash by working in your own brilliance.

Start your search

After you have a list of job requirements, start to look for a person to fill them. In many cases you will start with a virtual or part-time employee.

Try your existing art network for recommendations.

Look for online sources. Let your online friends know you are searching for someone. You might even try an ad on Linked In. I have a client who found two fabulous interns that way. You can also find people through sites such as elance, upwork, fivrr and freelancer.

Other options include looking for someone in your neighborhood, your local high school or college, your church, the local senior center, even Craig’s List.

Remember that people with the skills you need are looking for work!

Finding the perfect match for you and your business isn’t always easy. Take time to find the right person and let them be accountable for helping to grow your business. It will pay off in the end.

It’s your turn!

Who is the first person you are going to hire? What’s holding you back now?

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One Response to “You Can’t Do It Alone”

  1. Trish Stuart said:

    Morna, as always you have very practical, doable steps to help those of us move out of the chaos and into success. This is exactly what I have already started doing but your clarity and the order you provide is so very helpful and will help me stay on track. Thank you for offering this information free to all of us. Brilliant article. Thanks, again.

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