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Starting & Running Your Longarm Quilting Business


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Linda Taylor

The Professional Quilter is sponsoring a one-hour teleclass hosted by Morna McEver Golletz. In this livelydiscussion, you'll meet longarm quilter and teacher Linda Taylor. Linda is well-known in longarm circles for her quilting skills and her teaching. She has made more than 4,000 personal quilts and has been involved in the creation of more than 16,000. She began teaching longarm quilting more than 15 years ago. She has appeared on numerous quilting and sewing television shows; hosts her own PBS show, Linda's Longarm Quilting; and has produced seven instructional videos and authored six books for the longarm industry. She also owns and operates two Gammill dealerships. Her newest venture is, an online on-demand training school.

In this informative teleclass you'll learn:

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