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Do You Know A Great Teacher?
Help us find our 2009 Professional Quilt Teacher of the Year

For the 23rd year, The Professional Quilter will honor an outstanding quilt teacher with its Teacher of the Year award. The winner will be chosen by her or his peers on the basis of written answers to a questionnaire. The winner will be judged on the following criteria:

Previous winners chosen from hundreds of nominees worldwide are:

Susan Shie (2008)

Rosemary Eichorn (2007) Read about this year's winner and nominees here

Hari Walner (2006) Read about this year's winner and nominees here

Ami Simms (2005)
Mary Stori (2004)
Linda S. Schmidt (2003)
Schley Sisson Brandt (2002)
Paula Golden (2001)
Julie Hocker (2000)
Ellen Scrimger Gordon (1999)
Jan P. Krentz (1998)
Karen Kay Buckley (1997)
Katharine Stubbs Ward (1996)
Nan Tournier (1995)
Richard Zimmerman (1992)
Frances Fostrom (1991)
Charlotte Flesher (1990)
Darra Duffy Williamson (1989)
Cheri Tamm Raymond (1988)
Mary Galloway (1987)
Judy Anne Walter (1986)
Sharyn Squier Craig (1985)

Help us find that terrific teacher deserving of recognition. Who is the best QUILT TEACHER you've ever had? Is it the teacher from the local shop who is always there when you need help? Is it someone you heard at a national conference who inspired you to new heights? Is it a very thorough workshop leader your quilt group brought in to expand your horizons?

The Professional Quilter magazine would like to consider that teacher for its annual Teacher of the Year award. All you have to do is nominate that person. We send them a letter requesting more information.

To nominate your favorite teacher, please fill out the form below (use as much space as needed), add your name and address at the end and send it to Teacher of the Year, The Professional Quilter, 22412 Rolling Hill Lane, Laytonsville, MD 20882 or send your nomination via e-mail to TeacheroftheYear@professionalquilter.com.

The deadline for nominations for Teacher of the Year is Dec. 5, 2008, and the winner will be named in the Spring 2009 issue of The Professional Quilter. Previous nominees are ineligible for a period of two years.

I would like to nominate:

Teacher Name
Please tell me why you think she or he is an outstanding quilt teacher and please include the teacher's address, phone, and e-mail:
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