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Are You in a Trade Show Frenzy?

2013 quilt market IAPQ boothI will admit that I got in mini-one this year. And, I’m sure that many of you who do Quilt Market or Festival, or any creative arts show, have been in this position. You have a big list of what needs to get done before the show and you are trying to manage it all and something will go awry. For me, the last week has been filled with technology issues, from my email program not functioning and losing emails, to delays with outside vendors, to issues with my color laser printer. Naturally, they don’t happen in a good time frame. The key for me was to think about what I learned from this? I think you may be able to use these tips:

  1. Add more time into your plans. I actually got out the 2014 calendar and made notes as to when to accomplish certain tasks. Of course, I could not have anticipated the printer problem, though if I printed earlier, I would have had time for the repair.
  2. Be clear about what your intentions are for the show. I realized that some of what I was doing did not really fit with what I wanted to accomplish at the show.
  3. Remember that if something does not get done, it does not get done. In all likelihood, no one will know that but you.

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2 Responses to “Are You in a Trade Show Frenzy?”

  1. Cathy frick said:

    Thanks for the reminders about writing things down for the next time. We always think we’ll remember. And you have a calendar to consult…another good idea.

  2. Arlina Hill said:

    You are so right. Thanks for the refresher Trade Show Frenzy. The last few days before the show are always hectic. I needed the reminder to let go if it does not get done. And yes, I am the only one who will know.

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