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Book Review: Artful Bras: Hooters, Melons and Boobs, Oh My!


Artful Bras: Hooters, Melons and Boobs, Oh My!
Quilters of South Carolina
Kansas City Star Books; $24.95

Art bras – bras that have been decorated – have become popular the last few years and this surge in popularity spurred the Quilters Guild of South Carolina to sponsor a statewide challenge to its 650-person membership. Their goal was to raise awareness of breast cancer, and 41 members took up the call creating 50 artful bras. Each art bra is showcased on a full page in this book and is accompanied by the artist’s summary of her inspiration and how she created her bra as well as any specific connection she might have to breast cancer. I had a blast looking at the bras and choosing a favorite is impossible. I laughed at Monkey Business (the bra decorated with the sock monkey), marveled at the ingenious application of boas and feathers and chuckled at the titles. Several of the bras went onto greater fame, including two that became cover girls for the American Journal of Nursing. The bras were exhibited throughout most of 2009 and are currently on auction. All proceeds from the exhibit, book and auction go to Second Chance Network, a South Carolina program that helps women without insurance pay for breast-cancer screening. Here’s a link to Amazon to learn more about the book  and a link to the Quilters of South Carolina if you are interested in bidding on an art bra.

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