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Book Review: Creating Celebration Quilts

Creating Celebration Quilts


Creating Celebration Quilts
Cyndi Souder
Schiffer Publishing; $19.99

I think we’ve all made celebration quilts, whether that’s to celebrate a new baby or to celebrate someone’s life after it ends. Cyndi Souder has taken the concept of a celebration quilt and provided you with a blueprint to create your own individual quilt. I love the idea of the worksheet she starts with. So often we know we are making a quilt to celebrate something, only we don’t spend the time to really evaluate its purpose, the mechanics and the design. She gives you 10 broad questions plus other questions based on the answer you choose. By writing them down on the worksheet, you are getting clear on your project and setting yourself up for success. To get started, she walks you through the process of making five of her celebration quilts. Reading how she made her decisions was fascinating and will be valuable as you approach your celebration quilt. Actually, it is valuable for any quilts that you make. All quilters need knowledge and techniques in their toolbox as they work. Cyndi devotes one section of the book to this, including topics such as taming difficult fabrics and using photographs. I particularly liked her discussion on what she terms QuiltWriting, a technique of stitching words on the quilt with free-form machine quilting. The book also includes a gallery of 34 quilts.

Look for the book at your favorite book retailer. Here’s a link to if you would like to learn more about the book.


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