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Book Review: Impressionist Appliqué

Impressionist Applique

Impressionist Appliqué
Grace Errea and Meridith Osterfeld
C&T Publishing; $29.95

Grace Errea is known for her “value-based” realistic appliqué work. In this book she, with the help of Meridith Osterfeld, shares her technique for creating her quilts. Her technique is systematized and features lots of color values to get the desired effect. For those unfamiliar with working with color, she offers a primer on its components: hue, saturation and value. She also discusses the basics of line, shape, form and texture in your work. Before working on any of the five projects in the book, Grace has you do exercises to understand the value of your fabrics, including making both a Periodic Table of Value in Color and a Color/Value Fan.

Regardless of the appliqué technique you choose, the exercises in value will enhance your work.

Look for the book at your favorite book retailer. Here’s a link to if you would like to learn more about the book.

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