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Finish the Year Strong


It’s  the beginning of October and, if you are at all like me, you’ve look at the end of the year and at all you want to accomplish before then. It could be trade shows, new patterns or programs, a rush to get your sales where you projected. And, then, of course, the holidays  — Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and Hanukkah — will be here before you know it. What happens is that you end up with a massive to-do list. You either dive in, get distracted by more to add to the list, end up overwhelmed, or shut down. Regardless, you can easily loose sight of what is important to get done and feel defeated by not accomplishing your goals.

Here are six tips to get back on track with your own mini-retreat.

Schedule a business date

Schedule time in your calendar for a business date or mini-retreat. Like a regular date, plan to go somewhere like your local coffee shop or restaurant. The idea is that you are getting away from the distractions in your studio or office. Have access to your goals and results.

Review your accomplishments

Look at what you’ve already accomplished this year. It’s so easy to forget what you’ve done because you are always moving onto the next thing on your list, your next goal.

You may need to write them all down. This is a valuable exercise. You will be surprised at what you have accomplished.

Take time to celebrate what you’ve done.

Review your goals

Review the goals you set again. Ask yourself if they are still realistic or even if you still want to achieve them. Your definition of success may have changed over the year. Your life circumstances may have changed.

Be honest about where you let things fall through the cracks. And, most important, don’t beat yourself up for not completing the goals.

Be realistic

Once you’ve figured out what you want to accomplish, ask yourself what you can realistically do before the end of the year. It may not be realistic for you to do everything on your list, and that’s OK.
Start with the idea that you cannot do everything. What one thing would make the biggest difference if you choose to focus on it? It might be add your products to your website and launch them. It might be promote your new art. It might be to finish the class you want to offer and launch it. (Remember just because lots of people are taking it easy from now to the end of the year doesn’t mean you have to.)
Look for ways to chunk down the goals into steps and put deadlines for the specific steps or actions in your calendar.

Find support

Look for support to help you achieve what is important. This could be support for a goal you need to accomplish by the end of the year or one that you need to move into early next year.


Visualize the successful achievement of your goals. You will return to the studio energized and ready to tackle your goals.

It’s your turn!

Let me know how you make out with this mini-retreat to get back on track and finish the year strong.


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One Response to “Finish the Year Strong”

  1. Janellea Macbeth said:

    I find myself wanting to do “all the things” at all times. I find that spending 10 minutes a day at my desk with blank paper, a pen, and some productivity stickers helps me “drain the noise” of too many ‘to do’ items out of my head, helps me look, objectively, at what is important, and actually get things done. I almost never complete every ‘to do’ in a day, but I usually hit ALL the important tasks, and most of the ‘should do’ tasks.
    My mom is visiting for the next two weeks, so this is a HUGE retreat for me. We’re spending every day in my studio, and I’m working on the ‘important-for-business’ sewing tasks, and my mom is helping me with the ‘busy work’ sewing tasks that need to get done, but are time consuming. Added bonus, my mom and I are having GREAT family time while we sew…

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