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Business as Unusual

Wednesday, March 18th, 2020

We are in the midst of unprecedented times. You’re watching the news for the latest information from the CDC and from local and national authorities about COVID-19.

I really am at a loss for good words. We are not going about our daily lives in the same manner. Some of you are quarantined. Schools, stores, and churches are closed. Restaurants and gathering places are closed. We aren’t really sure when they will open.

All of us who can are practicing social distancing. A new concept.

I’m trying to be more grateful than usual. Grateful that I’m safe and healthy. Grateful my family is, too. And, I’m exceedingly grateful to healthcare workers and the people who are working in grocery stores. Just grateful.

Restrictions, while essential and necessary, are having a definite impact on the art industry. Here is a resource for free-lance artists that you may find helpful.

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PQ Cafe Business Series: Make Working at Home Work for You

Tuesday, August 11th, 2009

PQ Cafe Business SeriesJoin us in the PQ Café on Thursday, August 13 at 8 pm Eastern for our next call: Making Work at Home Work for YOU: How to get out of struggle, leave frustration behind and succeed with less effort with Morna McEver Golletz and special guest Debbie LaChusa.

Are you frustrated with trying to manage your business at home and still enjoy your family? Or have you hesitated making the leap from a job outside the home to one that is home based because you’re not sure you can make a go of it?

It is possible to go from a burned-out working mother to a happy career-at-home mom. Our special guest, Debbie LaChusa has been where you are – stressed, overloaded and burned out – and she managed to find a way to “have it all.” Today she has a career she loves that earns her a great income and the ability to be home with her children. Let Debbie share the secret to creating a marketable business that enables you to make a great living doing what you love to do.

This teleclass is scheduled for Thursday, Aug. 13 at 8 pm, Eastern Daylight Time, and space is limited so don’t delay. Registration includes the teleclass and MP3 downloadable recording, so if you can’t come to the class, you’ll get the recording to listen to at a time that works for you. Here are details.

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