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Are You In a Market Frenzy?

quiltmarket2014In the past few weeks several of my clients have talked with me about what I am calling trade show frenzy. They are going to Market for the first time and do not know what to expect, what to bring, etc. I thought I would share some of my tried and true tips.

  1. Set an intention before you go. Of course, it would have been good to have done this a few weeks back, but it is never too late to set an intention. What do you want to have happen as a result of your going? Is it more sales? Is it more names on your contact list? Is it to pick up a distributor? Is it to fill holes in the shop inventory? Is it to make connections? The clearer you are about what you want, the more likelihood that you will be focused in that direction and it will happen. I also think it would be productive to start each day with a focus on what that intention is. This puts you in charge.
  1. Be open to all the possibilities in front of you. While you have an intention, you will be confronted with many, many opportunities. You may have the chance to chat with someone you admire. You may make a connection with a distributor who is interested in your patterns. You may have a chance meeting with a shop owner looking for a teacher or vice versa. You do not have to make a decision about the possibility, just make note of it and follow-up later.  P.S. Be sure to have business cards/handouts with you.
  1. Watch for energy drains. This could be too much noise (and Market will be noisy). It could be that you are hungry or thirsty. It could be too much chocolate from the stash every booth seems to offer. Maybe you have a headache. It could be general stress. Look for where it shows up in your body. This is about awareness. You probably already know where your energy drains come from so be prepared. Have water and healthy snacks available. Know where you can head when the noise gets to you.
  1. Most of all have fun! It can be overwhelming — and remember if you do not get everything done you want, another Market comes around in May.



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6 Responses to “Are You In a Market Frenzy?”

  1. allie said:

    Great advice, Morna, thanks!

  2. Morna said:

    Allie, you’re welcome. I hope we’ll get to connect at Market!

  3. Elaine said:

    Thanks Morna. I know you were talking about me! ; )

  4. Morna said:

    Elaine, you’re welcome. I’m sure other people saw themselves in that, too!

  5. Laura Estes said:

    Hope you all have a blast in Houston. I am gearing up for Spring in Minneapolis. Thought I would share with you my method of keeping all those “opportunities” together so I don’t misplace them and spend hours searching for them when I get home. I take a 70 page spiral notebook along and staple the business card or flyer, each to a separate page. Then I have room to make notes, jot down ideas close to the contact information. Those contacts are what you have paid the big money for, and you don’t want to lose them. Oh, and don’t forget to bring plenty of staples with the stapler.

  6. Morna said:

    Laura, thanks for sharing your tip. If we pay attention to what happens we’ll have lots of good ideas in that notebook. Key then is follow-up. See you in the spring.

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