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Craft a powerful tagline

What’s in a tagline? The purpose of a tagline is to express your brand differentiation. It’s to say who you are compared to your competition.  It’s to get people to want to know more about your company and how you can help them. The best taglines have an emotional component.

Do you recognize these taglines?

Make Creativity Happen
Made to Create
Designed by a Quilter, for Quilters
For People Who Love to Sew
Make More Art, Spend Less Money

They belong to companies in the arts fields. I’m guessing that you knew most of them. If not, they are: Michaels Stores, Bernina, Handi Quilter, Threads, Cheap Joe’s Art Stuff.

Crafting your tagline

Start by asking yourself some questions:

What does my company/product do?

What benefit does my customer derive from my company/product?

How is my company/product different from the competition?

If you are having trouble getting clarity on this, try asking your customers. That’s what I did. I talked with several of our clients. One told me that whenever she talked with me, she came away with smart ideas, and when she took action, she made money. From our conversation, I ended up with Smart Ideas + Bold Action = Profitable Results.

Keep it simple

When you start to describe your company by answering the questions above, you’ll likely end up with several sentences. That’s fine for a start. Your goal, however, should be to end up with something that is short and simple. From this longer start, go back and edit to make the phrase or phrases shorter. Then go back and edit again. You’ll know when you’ve got a simple phrase that expresses what you do.

Where to use your tagline

You already likely have a logo, which is a visual representation of your brand. Your tagline is more like an verbal representation. Once you’ve come up with a tagline, you can use it in many places. Your website. Your advertising materials. Your business card. Your stationary. Your online graphics. Tshirts and tote bags.

People do not buy because of a tagline. Nor do they buy because of your logo. They buy because of the value you provide and the results they derive from that value. Both your logo and your tagline work to create an impression of your business for potential customers. Take time to see that they do the right job.

Your turn!

What is your tagline? And, if you need help, share a few sentences and we can work to edit it.


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8 Responses to “Craft a powerful tagline”

  1. Kim Johnson said:

    I have been thinking about “Creating memories stitch by stitch” for my quilting and custom sewing business.

  2. Morna said:

    Kim, that works. It’s short and memories definitely has an emotional connection.

  3. Patty Sawyer said:

    I have already been using “Pampering Your Creativity” for my retreat business. Is it too confusing to have/use more than one tagline? I’ve been thinking about the “Bankcode” approach and wondering if I should target a different tagline for the 4 different personality traits (Blueprint,Action, Knowledge and Nurturing). Your thoughts?

  4. Morna said:

    I think you are fine with one tagline. The BANK characteristics would come more into play when you are selling the experience you offer at the B&B. You would want to consider them in the copy on your website. The tagline would be used on your business cards and on the website with the logo. OK if I offer a tweak? Be Pampered. Be Creative. Be Inspired. (In no particular order. And, you are so much closer that I could be way off with this suggestion.)

  5. Ebony said:

    The tag line I’ve been using for a few years is “Cut. Quilt. Love.” It helped me to focus my business in these areas.

  6. Morna said:

    Ebony, I’ve always liked the simplicity of your tagline. It does pull you back to what you are doing, and maybe keeps those bright shiny objects at bay.

  7. christine said:

    I am starting a quilting business doing infant and child, plus adult lap size quilts. I hand select the fabrics, prepare them, cut them, piece before taking to a machine quilter. I want every detail to be perfect. But im not sure how to make a memorable tag line? i keep thinking its something to do with lying under a beautiful quilt with sweet dreams. Something “Creating the perfect place to dream” Anyone have thoughts? thanks!

  8. Morna said:

    Good luck with your business. I think of the word creating as about you doing the creating, not about the customer creating the environment, so I’d try to come up with something without the word creating. The perfect place to dream. Quilts to dream under. Quilts for sweet dreams. Know the name of your business or a website would help with this. You might want to join our free Creative Passion to Profit Facebook Group and run it by the members. Here’s the link:

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