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What are your “pinch-me” moments?

Last week I was honored to be a special presenter at the Handi Quilter Retailer Academy. The first day I gave a talk on Capturing the Creative Customer and on Social Media. The second day I offered individual coaching sessions on a first come, first served basis to those who were interested. I met some fabulous retailers from around the world and reconnected with a few I already knew. I also had a lot of fun.

During the final banquet, Handi Quilter presented four of us with a special gift — the biggest pair of scissors I’ve ever seen. In fact they were so big, and of course sharp, that they wouldn’t meet the carry-on requirements of the airline. Mine should be arriving in the mail, and I’ve picked out a wonderful spot to hang them.

One of the recipients said earlier that speaking at the Academy was a “pinch-me” moment for her. I agree. It also reminded me of an article I read sometime back by Connie Schultz, a columnist with the Cleveland Plains Dealer, about how her mom lived a “pinch me” life.

I love this attitude. It’s about being in the moment and grateful for everything. It doesn’t matter if you are experiencing something for the first time or the tenth time.

How can you live a pinch-me life?

You can find pinch-me moments every day. You just have to learn how to recognize them. Some years back I made a “New Year’s Resolution” to find more pinch-me moments in my life. If you ask yourself at the end of the day if you had any pinch-me moments, you’ll find them. They are often the little things that you are grateful for, those things you take for granted. For you, it might be the light you captured perfectly in your last photo or finding the perfect piece of fabric that just made your quilt or perhaps having your first class picked up.

Of course, you can also set out to create these moments. You’ll find them in your “bucket list.” You just need to put your intention out there, and take action to see them come to fruition.

Here are three of my pinch-me moments.

Years ago my husband and I took a trip to Philadelphia at the invitation of a vendor with his company. The company put us in a suite at the Ritz Carlton hotel. Wow. I can remember being so excited with the room and the chocolate covered tuxedo strawberries that I took pictures.

Every fall includes a trip to Houston for International Quilt Market and Festival for me. In 2000, I remember meeting former President George H. W. Bush outside the elevator on the fourth floor of the Four Seasons along with my roomie. He took my by the elbow, said, “Come on girls. Let’s go for a ride.” We rode the four floors to the lobby, chatted with the former President and Mrs. Bush. They were gone before we knew it. That was definitely, “Pinch me, I must be dreaming!”

And, the first time I hosted our Creative Arts Business Summit, I had lots of pinch-me moments. They started with the first person who purchased a ticket and actually continued with all the ticket buyers. They happened as I planned the content and found other speakers. They happen each year as we plan this event. It’s a “Pinch me, I’m so lucky to have this life.”

Your turn!

Pinch-me moments are all around you. What are three of your pinch-me moments?

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2 Responses to “What are your “pinch-me” moments?”

  1. Mary Honas said:

    I had the dream of becoming a speaker for quilt guilds. When my daughter and son-in-law moved to Denton TX I visited the quilt shop there and asked if they ever brought in visiting quilting instructors. She said no but the local guild was always looking for speakers and they might be interested in booking me. I was thrilled when I left town with a signed contract! My first one!

    The day came when I was to present my first talk and they had a sign on the door: Visitors will pay a $5 fee at tonight’s meeting as we have a Nationally Known Speaker. Wow! Yes, I got a photo of me in front of that sign.

  2. Morna said:

    Mary, What a wonderful story. What I love about so many of these moments are that they are confidence boosters. You went for something and it happened. Love that you have a pic, too!

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