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Do you have a rewards jar?

rewards jar

How often do you reward yourself for your work? If you are like many creative entrepreneurs I know, it’s not very often. Sure you accomplish the items on your to-do list, you make progress towards your goals, and you may feel proud about what you are doing. Then, it’s on to the next thing on the list, the next goal.

Many of my clients take part in what I call a Success and Strategies Summit on a weekly basis. I had been taking time to look at what I accomplished and plan ahead on a weekly basis for years. When I started working with private clients and ICAP members, I shared this more formal practice with them.

A big part of this Summit is celebrating our successes. Did I mention how we often are on to the next thing and don’t do this?

Since most of us work in isolated environments, i.e., not an outside workplace with lots of co-workers, it’s up to us to reward ourselves. I like the idea of putting a reward on a piece of paper, putting it in the jar and then picking something out for yourself when it’s time to celebrate.

As for what kind of reward you create, you need to think about what motivates you. We all have different motivators. A bike ride through the park may be just what you need. For someone else that bike ride is a painful reminder of exercise. And, not everyone enjoys a hot bubble bath or a massage. For you, maybe it’s a trip to a nice restaurant, a visit to a new gallery, a game of toss with your dog or a shopping spree for a new pair of shoes. This past week I celebrated with three bunches of beautiful tulips.

How to figure out what really motivates you? It’s often that activity that brings a smile to your face. Spend some time making a list of those activities, write them on individual pieces of paper and collect them in a jar or even a fabric bowl. As you look back over your successes this week, don’t forget to reward yourself.

Please share your what’s in your reward jar below.

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2 Responses to “Do you have a rewards jar?”

  1. Carli said:

    Frankly, this whole idea is a new way to think about myself as an artist. To give myself rewards!

    I’ve been steaming along up river for so long its become a way of life. Its taken me part time over 15 years to even feel truly like an artist might feel, in other words, I know I feel and get the feedback from peers that I’m an artist. I grew up in an age when art was frowned up from most parents including my own.

    Get a job, pay your own bills and get on with your life were the priorities. So, now as I’m a mature aging artist, this path is all new and life is on a true disability pension budget.

    So if I was to stop and think about it; I’d say a big reward for me would be to go on a cruise with quilters, to Alaska, with high quality teachers, accommodation and food etc, that would be an awesome reward for me.

    So here it goes into my online reward jar. Into my paper planner reward jar addition.

    Thanks for such an inspiring post.

  2. Morna said:

    Carli, thanks so much for your response. I love that you feel like an artist! And, your reward sound exciting.

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