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Let’s celebrate + stretch

It’s the last week of June. We are about midway through the year.

Have you taken time to review where you are with accomplishing your goals at this half-way point?

Now is the perfect time to look back at what you have accomplished so far this year and adjust your goals for the year.

Why now? Other than it is half-way through the year, we are about to celebrate Independence Day, July 4, here in the United States. It is a day meant for celebration — picnics, fireworks and gratitude.

I like celebrating where I started and where I am. I like celebrating that I am able to work both independently as an entrepreneur and interdependently with so many wonderful people. I’m sure you have some of those same celebrations.How do you do this review?

I ask myself a series of questions. I also ask my private clients to answer the same questions for their businesses.

The questions take two forms: concrete and introspective.

The concrete questions are easy to find on your spreadsheet.

The more introspective questions require you to give thought to how you got there.

Concrete Questions

1. What was your revenue for the first six months?

2. What were your expenses for the same period?

3. What was your profit?

Introspective Questions

1. What were your biggest accomplishments these past six months?

2. What were some of the lessons you learned during this time?

3. What were the weak points? What could be improved?

4. What opportunities did you miss?

5. What marketing worked? What else created your wins?

6. How can you use this information going forward for the rest of the year?

Making adjustments

It’s great to take a look at what you are celebrating, only you need to go back and see how it meshes with the goals you set at the beginning of the year. Maybe you’ve already blown them out of the water. Are your existing goals too easy? Do they stretch you enough? Update your goals so you have broader, bigger goals for the rest of the year.

Favorite quote

Set a goal so big that you can’t achieve it until you grow into the person who can.” Unknown

It’s your turn!

What did you learn from this exercise? Where you surprised that you needed to stretch yourself more for the rest of the year?

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