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What’s in Your Rewards Jar?

How often do you reward yourself for your work?

If you are like many creative entrepreneurs I know, it’s not very often. Sure you accomplish the items on your to-do list, you make progress towards your goals, and you may feel proud about what you are doing. Then, it’s on to the next thing on the list, the next goal.

Many of my clients take part in what I call a Success and Strategies Summit on a weekly basis. For years, I had been taking time to look at what I accomplished and plan ahead on a weekly basis. It made a difference in how much I was accomplishing and the confidence level I had.

When I started working with private clients and ICAP members, I shared this more formal practice with them. They began to see how important this review was in their own lives and businesses.

A big part of this Summit is celebrating your successes. Did I mention how often we are on to the next thing and don’t do this?

Since most of us work in isolated environments, i.e., not an outside workplace with lots of co-workers, it’s up to us to reward ourselves. Not only does it make you feel good, it’s good for you. It improves your self-motivation. More importantly, it builds confidence. The more confidence that you have, the more easily you’ll accomplishments your goals. And, you’ll begin to accomplish things you never dreamed.

Building a rewards jar

I like the idea of putting a reward on a piece of paper, putting it in the jar and then picking something out for yourself when it’s time to celebrate.

That way it’s always a surprise. And, I do have lots of ideas about how to celebrate.

As for what kind of reward you create, you need to think about what motivates you. We all have different motivators.

A bike ride through the park may be just what you need. For someone else that bike ride is a painful reminder of exercise. And, not everyone enjoys a hot bubble bath or a massage. For you, maybe it’s a trip to a nice restaurant, a visit to a new gallery, a game of toss with your dog or a shopping spree for a new pair of shoes. This past week I celebrated with a new orchid.

Also consider that your reward may be large for when you finish a big project or small for a milestone that you reach.

The size of the reward, or even what the reward is, doesn’t make a difference. It’s the fact that you recognize the accomplishment. By having rewards along the way to your goal, it keeps you going.

How do you figure out what really motivates you? It’s often that activity that brings a smile to your face. Spend some time making a list of those activities, write them on individual pieces of paper and collect them in a jar or a beautiful handcrafted bowl. As you look back over your successes this week, don’t forget to reward yourself.

Your turn!

Please share your what’s in your reward jar below.

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