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Book Review: Bargello Quilts in Motion

Bargello Quilts In Motion

Bargello Quilts in Motion
Ruth Ann Berry
C&T Publishing; $19.95

I love when older techniques are revived and refreshed, and that is the case with the Bargello quilt. I remember making my first one and marveling at how much easier it was than it looked. That quilt hangs in my cousin’s home today. Ruth Ann Berry looked at ways that she could separate the moving parts in the design from the static background. She came up with four different solutions to do this: what she calls a scribble on a solid background; a scribble on a background of busy prints; the scribble and background made from different, contrasting color runs; and a solid-color splash across a series of plaids or a background of stripes. I never would have thought of plaids years past. I loved the energy that the quilts reflect. In addition to the eight patterns she includes, Ruth Ann also teaches you how to draft your own original design on graph paper. Our partners – write my essay for cheap. the best student papers, essays, coursework and diplomas. We are trusted by thousands of students. We are recommended and respected!

Look for the book at your local quilt shop or book retailer. Here’s a link to Amazon if you would like to learn more about the book.

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