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Book Review: Sew and Play

Sew and Play Handmade Games for Kids

Sew and Play
Farah D. Wolfe
Martingale; $26.99


Will your holidays include little ones? Is one of your goals getting them interested in sewing? You’ll find several ways to engage them in Sew and Play by Farah Wolfe. An occupational therapist, Farah shares 11 games that will get your kids playing with fabrics and build physical, cognitive and social skills. The games are varied and you can get kids to help you pick out the fabrics or sew, if they are old enough. For example, Foot Frenzy will look familiar to fans of the Twister game. Kids could select fabrics and help cut the feet. You’ll come up with lots of ideas to engage your young ones, whether it’s playing the games or participating in its construction.


Look for this book at your favorite quilt or book retailer. Here’s a link to Amazon if you would like to learn more about the book.


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