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Book Review: The Sketchbook Challenge

The Sketchbook Challenge
Sue Bleiweiss
Potter Craft; $21.99

Do you have a blank sketchbook, i.e., one you bought with the good intention of using for sketching, only it’s still on the shelf and still blank? I’ll cop to that one. The blank book can seem daunting. With help from Sue Bleiweiss, you’ll soon be on your way to filling your sketchbook and adding a new tool to your artist’s toolbox. Subtitled Techniques, Prompts, and Inspiration for Achieving Your Creative Goals, Sue’s book came about after she started the Sketchbook Challenge to keep her own resolution to be more consistent with her own sketchbook. She invited a group of artists to join her, and soon others began participating on their own. By the end of the first month her website had more than 43,000 visitors. The challenge was a yearly project, and the book is set up to offer you 12 themes to challenge yourself. Each theme also includes a look at the sketches of two of the artists participating and a spotlight on a particular technique. Even the book shape with its smaller size and rounded corners is encouraging. So, take Sue’s challenge and expand your creativity. You’ll love your results.

Look for the book at your favorite book retailer. Here’s a link to Amazon if you would like to learn more about the book.

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