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9 Tips for Shopping Quilt Market

Quilt Market can be daunting and overwhelming, especially for the first time attendee. Here are some tips to make your experience more productive.

1. Pack comfortable clothes and shoes. You can easily be on your feet for eight hours or more. Take to heart the Quilts Inc. admonition, “Remember at Market, fashion stops at the knees!”

2. Take some healthy snacks with you, like fruits and nuts. All the booths will have snacks of the chocolate variety and while a bit is fine, you want to be sure to keep your stamina up. Once you start walking the floor, it’s hard to leave. Something new or an old friend catches your eye. That sugar rush just won’t sustain you. And, don’t forget to bring water or an empty water bottle to keep hydrated.

3. Take advantage of the learning opportunities. Quilts Inc. has lectures and classes the day before Market opens and then the mornings and evenings when the vendor floor is closed. This is a wonderful opportunity to take back knowledge to share with your staff and customers and to build your business.

4. Don’t wait in line for Sample Spree. I always check the lines for Sample Spree and often find the same people at the front of the line every show. They get in line at 2 pm for an event that starts at 8 pm. They missed half of the Schoolhouse Sessions. Once the doors open, most everyone in line gets in within five to 10 minutes. Even latecomers get in. Last I heard they weren’t giving a prize for first one in the door!

5. Don’t forget your business cards. You are going to meet shop owners and quilt business owners from around the world in addition to ordering for your business. A good tip is to make a note or two on the back of the card as a memory jogger for when you get home. And, to make it easy for ordering, try printing the information on labels to make filling out forms easier.

6. Start with a plan to shop the floor. Spend time the night before going through the show program, marking those you must see. Set a schedule that includes any appointments you have with fabric companies or distributors. If you are shopping with a group, be sure everyone knows the schedule. Many shop owners walk the floor and collect literature during the first day, go over the material at night and then buy the second or third day. Other shop owners know what their shop needs and buy on the first walk through. Figure out the plan that will work best for you.

7. If you are traveling with a group, be sure you’ve got everyone’s phone numbers programmed in to  your phones. Market is really big, and it’s easy to get separated from your group.

8. Look for ways to connect. Everyone has to have lunch and/or dinner. Look for someone at a table, go join them. You’ll probably pick up a business tip and be able to share one, too.

9. Don’t forget to stop by our IAPQ booth and say hi. We’re in 2413.

Please share your tips on blogging here on our blog.

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3 Responses to “9 Tips for Shopping Quilt Market”

  1. Leslie said:

    Thank you; as a new blogger, I found these hints helpful… as I continue to ‘figure things out’ and get into the sharing and technological arena of “how to’s” in BlogLand!

  2. vivian helena said:

    Delighted to read your Tips… just returned from Paducah, and excited to see I applied many of your tips, including one of my own, to keep a journal… pasted all the business cards in there with little notes so that I could remember everything that I was seeing.. Wonderful trip, will adventure out more in the future. Enjoying telling everyone about what I saw and did on my blog. We can always learn new things and we did attend lectures and classes. thanks for sharing.

  3. Marlene @ Kissed Quilts said:

    I used many of these! Thanks for posting them, so timely! Great to see you at Spring Market.

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