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Are you waiting to be rescued?

Do you remember the hit “Rescue Me?” I was listening to it on YouTube the other day. Depending on how old you are, the tune was recorded by Fontella Bass, Madonna, or Daughtry. While the lyrics are different, the theme is the same. The subject of the song is in need of rescue, rescue by someone else.

While you are not looking for a someone to save you in the terms of the song, do you have other instances where you are looking for a rescue? I will give you a few examples. Are you looking for someone to take over your books and then tell you what to do with your business? Are you delegating  some of your work and then not following up or keeping track of the work? Did you fall behind preparing for the next show and are scrambling for someone to get you out of the jam? When something doesn’t always work the way you want, do you look for someone to blame? If only she had ….

It is fine to look for help or get feedback. In fact, it’s a good idea to seek support and input as you grow your business. You can’t do it alone.

It is not fine to give up your power by looking for a rescue. And, yes, this is what you are doing by not being fully knowledgeable about your business. Remember delegation is not the same as abdication. Abdication is kind of like saying, “Here you go!” and then disappearing expecting everything to be handled.

You cannot completely step into your own power and accept the rewards you deserve from your life and business if you are looking for a rescue.

Personal Responsibility

It really comes down to personal responsibility and taking 100% responsibility for everything. You have to give up excuses, blaming and complaining. You can’t change what happens, you can only change how you respond to it.

Where can you find this rescuer? Easy, look in the mirror. You need to learn to be your own rescuer. Besides, rescues only really work in fairy tales!

It’s your turn!

Where in your life and business are you not taking personal responsibility and waiting to be rescued?

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