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Avoid the Comparison Trap

Comparison Trap

Do you ever get that sinking feeling when you look around and start to compare yourself to others — their art or their business success?

You start to think that no one will every want what you have.

And, then you start to believe the one or two people who have ever commented negatively on your work.

And, then the spiral starts. Really, who are you to do this anyway?And, you get caught up in that spiral of self-doubt. And, you get stuck or self-sabotage.

Yes, we all end up there at some point. The key is to recognize it and get out. Here are six ideas to help you get out of that spiral and get your work done.

Stop comparing.

Easier said than done at times. If you cannot stop the comparisons, at least look at them from a place of reality. Are you comparing yourself with someone who has been at the work longer than you? Where are they on the road compared to you? Who do you need to be or what do you need to learn to move forward? You should only be comparing yourself to yourself.

Change perspective.

If you are looking at your situation today, take time to put it in perspective. Take a look back, whether that is to the beginning of the year or the beginning of your business. How far have you come? What have you accomplished? When you look at your wins, it gives you a lot of confidence to move forward.


It’s so easy to move onto the next thing you need to do. Instead, celebrate all your wins, no matter how small. It really does let you see what you are capable of accomplishing. It can help hold that comparison gremlin at bay.


Connect with the one or two friends who always pick you up. The friends who will see you for who you are — accomplished, talented and cool. You might even keep a file with all those wonderful compliments you can reread for times like this. Another place to connect is on Facebook with like-minded creatives. We offer two Facebook groups where you will find people who are creatives just like you: our Members’ Studio and our Creative Passion to Profit Page. You are sure to find someone who can offer perspective to get you out of your spiral.

Change pace.

Take a break from what you are doing. In a sense, disconnect from the comparison. You can take a walk. You can put on a funny movie or watch a quick pet video. You can meditate. Meditation is great for getting centered.

Remember the goal.

Focus on your end game. You do not want to be in a comparison trap. Go back to what your intention is and focus on that. Then take action in spite of it.

It’s your turn!

What do you do when the comparison gremlin starts to appear?

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