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Etsy: Marketing Your Handmade Work

In the current issue of The Professional Quilter, Gloria Hansen writes about marketing your handmade work through Etsy. Etsy’s mission is to enable people to make a living making things, and to reconnect makers with buyers. Etsy sellers number hundreds of thousands, and, yes, some make a full-time living selling through Etsy.

Here are just five tips that you learn from Gloria’s article:

1. Consider buying something. Doing so will allow you to get firsthand knowledge of how the sale is handled and how the item is packaged and shipped.

2. Visit Etsy’s blog, “The Storque,” which has an ever-growing range of informative articles. I found lots of articles that had to do with quilting, ranging from an article on a pillowcase challenge to instructions for a mini-quilt.

3. Read The Etsy Seller Handbook, which you can find on “The Storque.” It is a one-stop help area covering topics such as making a shop banner, writing text, photography tips, shipping how-to’s, customer care, tagging and much more.

4. Take good photos of your work. The photos need to be clear, clean and interesting. Use a neutral background and try a macro setting on your camera for close-ups.

5. Exchange links with others, offer a giveway on your blog, and notice what others are doing to draw attention to their shops. Remember that your website or blog can drive people to your Etsy shop and vice versa.

Please share your experiences with Etsy here on the blog.

To learn more about marketing your work through Etsy, you can read Issue 112 of The Professional Quilter. The Professional Quilter is one of benefits of IAPQ membership. If you are not a member, you can join here.

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One Response to “Etsy: Marketing Your Handmade Work”

  1. Gayle Pritchard said:

    I love etsy, after initially being somewhat overwhelmed trying to figure it out. I started my online shop there a year ago, and have been pleased. One important thing to know for newbies: when you sign up for an etsy account, that IS your name on etsy, so think carefully.
    I am now considering starting a second shop, so that my artwork will be separate from my Magic Baby line of children’s clothing.
    Come and join. The more, the merrier : )

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