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Out with the old. In with the new!

It is less than two weeks until the end of 2017. To me, this year just flew by. While this does not seem like a lot of time, especially with all the busy holiday activities, you can still take positive actions to end your year right and get a head start on 2018. Here are seven tips that I am taking to heart:

Don’t wait until Dec. 31 to check your financials.

Do you need to follow up on any late invoices if you want the income to be in 2017? Do you need to defer the income until 2018? Do you need to make any expenditures by year end? What tax consequences should you be aware of? A quick call or email to your accountant could make a difference, particularly as we are unsure of the new tax plan.

If you do not have a giving plan in place, consider starting one before the end of the year.

Yes, you will get a tax deduction. Even better, it will make you feel good. You can find numerous local charities in your own backyard or look online for some that work with creative arts or an area you are passionate about. I have supported both groups that help women get back on track locally and also micro-loan foundations that target the funds to help women make a living from crafts. Two to look at here are and Even $25 makes a difference.

Look back over the year to see what your successes were.

Lots of entrepreneurs do not take the time to celebrate what they have accomplished. You are always onto the next big thing. Go back and list what your accomplishments were. I bet you can come up with 100 if you try. Let me know how many you find. And take time to relish your accomplishments.

As you looked over your successes, did you see places for growth?

Don’t leave 2017 with the status quo as your goal. Spend some time over the next 11 days getting clear on what is possible for you. Consider who you will need for support, whether that is private coaching or your own personal networking group.

Finish planning for 2018

Have you purchased your calendar or created one that works for you? Have you entered dates for big events and those appointments with yourself? That way you can start the year on the right track. You will see where you need to fill in to build your business.

What’s your Big Why?

Have you considered why you get up each day and work in and on your creative arts business. If you are unclear, set aside some time over the holidays to consider it. That will make a difference as you begin the New Year. It can act as a rudder to keep you on course if you lose your way.

Aim for a clean slate.

Your goal should be to start the New Year with a clean slate. You have put 2017 to bed, so to speak, and are onto new challenges. On my end I plan to spend some time tossing what is not needed in my studio, so I start on a fresh note in January.

Your turn!

What are you doing to be sure you end the year on a positive note?

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