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Market Your Business With a Photo Frame

Digital Photo FrameI’m always on the lookout for different ways to market a business, and I discovered something really cool at my ophthalmologist’s office recently. One of doctors had created a PowerPoint featuring optical illusions, fun quizzes, etc., that plays on the wall of the lobby in the office building. The idea was expanded, and now each exam room includes a picture frame that has several hundred slides encompassing not just the fun things but also testimonials about the practice. This got me thinking about ways we could adapt this idea to quilt businesses. Here are some:

1. The first thought that comes to mind is with product demos in booths at shows. You could have several frames running at the sides of your booth. Of course, that’s in addition to your own demo to draw customers into the booth.

2. If you are a pattern designer and don’t demo in your booth, you could have the frame running with pictures of quilts made by your customers from your patterns. Nothing spurs a purchase like seeing how your quilt pattern can be made in multiple colorways, especially your favorite. I’d love to see this with bag patterns.

3. As my friend and longarm quilter Erin says, quilters travel in packs, so she always has extra chairs in the studio for the friends traveling with her clients. She could create a slide show of herself at work on her longarm and include shots of quilts that she has completed and any ribbons she has won, along with customer testimonials.

4. Art quilters could use this concept with a gallery show. Imagine slides showing you at work, slides of your work that isn’t in the gallery, and slides showing your work hanging in happy customers’ homes with their testimonials.

5. Shops could find lots of ways to use this idea – demos of new products that have arrived, samples from the classes on the schedule, covers of new books, fabrics on order. Imagine putting together one of pictures you took at Quilt Market focusing on all the new products you ordered.

6. Those of you who do craft shows could use the ideas that I have for art quilters: a slide show of you at work, photos of quilts or other products that you’ve sold, photos of your work in your customers’ homes. It’s great to offer people a picture of how your product will look in their surroundings.

I took a quick look at digital picture frames online and found them ranging in price from $30-$300, depending on size of the frame and all the extras, including the ability to add audio. I hope some of you will add this idea to your marketing toolbox and share your experiences with us.

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7 Responses to “Market Your Business With a Photo Frame”

  1. Jeanie Sumrall-Ajero said:

    We have used a digital frame in our booth at shows for a few years now! We got one that also plays videos and I play videos of my TV appearances – which of course demonstrate not only how the product works, but also what you can make with it. The videos play in a loop non-stop while we are giving “live” demos in the booth as well. We position the frame front and center (and away from the live demos) so that people who are curious but don’t yet want to “commit” can watch from a distance. We’ve also found that just having something that “moves” in the booth catches people’s eye – always a good thing since that’s half the battle at a show.

  2. Morna said:

    Jeanie – I do remember your digital frame as your Quilt Market/Festival neighbor, and I think it drew me over several times. 🙂 Do you find the audio is loud enough at the show? That was what I was concerned about. I think some of the frames let you add your own speakers, though for show purposes, it’s enough to attract people in. Can you share the model frame you got? And, I’ll be sure to stop and see yours this year.

  3. Jean M. Judd said:

    Great ideas on utilizing the picture frame equipment, Morna. I have also heard of some artists who put their portfolio on the frame and send the frame to potential galleries. I haven’t heard if there have been issues with not getting the frames back or if they consider it a cost of doing business.

    I suppose it isn’t a lot different than printing out a hard cover book portfolio of your work and sending that to gallery directors. Probably about the same cost ($30-$40 each).

    There is so much that technology can do for artists of all mediums that sometimes it is overwhelming. I have images of my art quilts on my cellphone so I always have a miniature portfolio with me to show interested people. Its enough to whet their appetite to see more and to visit my web site. I give out my business card after viewing my quilts on my cellphone so they have the web site and contact information. It still is new enough that clients are fascinated that I have them there. Also makes it easy to send examples of my work on a picture message from my phone.

  4. Morna said:

    Jean, thanks for your comments. I haven’t heard of artists sending the frames to galleries. Again, anything that sets you apart and gets someone to see your work. And, you are right about overwhelming! Seems like every time we turn around, we have new technology!

  5. Laura Estes said:

    I’ve got to give this a try. I demonstrate in my booth but this would certianly attract customers as well.

  6. Morna said:

    Laura, I’ll check in your booth this fall. 🙂

  7. Wood Picture Frames said:

    Great blog! Thank you!

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