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Thank You for Your Business!

When was the last time you sent a letter via the US Postal Service to thank someone? When was the last time you received one?

I know that today we are all about digital. However, I think you are missing the boat if you don’t add some higher touch activities to your marketing and/or customer service efforts. By marketing, I don’t mean selling. I mean inviting people get to know, like and trust you.

Personal hand-written notes are the perfect way for you to build that connection. A simple note only requires a few of minutes of your time and a first-class postage stamp.

The rewards for both parties are way beyond that. You will feel good doing this. The recipient will feel appreciated. I’ve seen examples of people sharing their thank you notes on social media or in their blogs, making even more people feel good. What a great example of word-of-mouth marketing. Remember, the more people learn about you, the better.

And, when you get right down to it, thanking someone is the right thing to do.

Create a system

If you decide to incorporate thank you notes as a part of your business, it makes sense to create a system around it.

You might set aside a specific amount of time, say 20 minutes, each Monday. Or you might do this the first Friday of the month. Just set a time for the project and block the time into your calendar. By scheduling it, it doesn’t become overwhelming or a “chore.”

Determine how you will thank people. Is it right after their purchase or connection? Is it as a follow-up six months after the connection? Track this so you’ll keep the system going.

Set up your supplies so they are ready when you are. You don’t need to have fancy stationery. Plain paper will work. Because most of you are artists, though, you can get nice note cards printed relatively inexpensively. This will add a special touch to your thanks. I know that I’ve saved art note cards for a long time.

Look for ways to say thank you

When you get started, you might wonder who do you thank. Just about everyone you meet would appreciate a thank you. Here are some ideas.

• A buyer of your art.

• Someone who refers a new client to you.

• Someone who mentions you in their blog

• A new shop owner is now one of your vendors.

• A new customer at your retail shop.

• Someone who helps you out at a show.

And, don’t think you only need to write the person to thank them at the onset of a purchase. For example, if that buyer of art mentioned earlier likes a particular style of art, she might like to know that you’re showing your new work at a gallery local to her. Once you start thinking of ways to say thanks, it might surprise you how many there are.

What to say

Short and simple is best. Your thank you note only needs to be a few sentences. It may or may not include a call-to-action for an additional sale. Here are a few examples.

Hi Cathy, Thanks so much for stopping into the shop yesterday. I know you’ll enjoy the needlework kit. It will make a perfect addition to your family room. When it’s finished be sure to come in and show it off. We should also be getting in frames at the end of the month that will enhance it.

Hi Beth, It was great to see you at the Artisan Fair last week. The necklace you purchased is just the right shade of blue to complement your eyes. I’ve ordered some blue stones and hope to have earrings available at the next fair. I’ll be sure to let you know when it is. Thanks again for your purchase.

Hi Casey, Loved seeing the mention of our company in your latest blog. It was a delightful surprise. Enjoy this sweet treat. [and include a small chocolate]

Hi Antonia, Just a quick note to say thank you for carrying our patterns in your shop. I know your clientele will love them. I often send out emails with marketing tips. If you’d like me to be sure you get them, just drop me an email at

Your Turn!

Do you have a thank you system in place? What has been your experience? If you don’t have one, when will you start one



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