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Tips for Tipping

Many of us travel as professionals, whether that is to teach or vend at shows or to enjoy quilts made by others. Don’t we sometimes vacation around the shows we know about! And, of course, tipping is required on these trips.

Here are some guidelines gleaned from David Nagle’s article in the current issue of The Professional Quilter where he went on an imaginary quilt show trip.

  • Cabs or paid shuttles: 10-20% depending on whether you have bags.
  • Baggage handlers (Skycaps, hotel bellhops): $2 for the first bag; $1 for additional bags.
  • Maid service: $1-$10 a day depending on type of hotel.
  • Restaurant: 15%-20% of the bill depending on service
  • Complimentary hotel shuttle: $1-$2 per person

During your stay, you will encounter many instances where someone does something extra to help you out and that requires a tip. In your travels, be sure to keep track of all the tips you give, as they are tax deductible – and carry lots of dollar bills.

Please share your thoughts on tipping on our blog. You can read more of David’s article on tipping in the Spring 2011 issue of The Professional Quilter. It’s one of your benefits as a member of the International Association of Professional Quilters.

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2 Responses to “Tips for Tipping”

  1. Jeanne said:

    I waitressed for 10 years to put myself through college, and before my business was steady enough to support me. Thank you for reminding us that a few more dollars in a minimum wage salary makes a difference. Dealing with the public is a challenge, and compensation rarely equals the stress. Being generous, and kind, can really make someone’s day so much better!

  2. Peaches said:

    I do understand the value of tiping, but I would be curious to find out: Say for example, two persons share a hotel room which is $180 per night and they stay fro 5 nights. How much would this pair be likely to tip for housekeeping? According to the comments on tiping, I would say about $50 which would be $10 per night. How many people would tip that much or what would most people tip?

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